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Pricing & Service Options


One Time
Panel Cleaning

Our solar panel cleaning ensures your arrays are clean from dirt, droppings, and pollen increasing your system's efficiency instantly.

1 Story Home

1-20 $185

21-30 $195

31-40 $205

41-50 $215

51-60 $225

2 Story Home

1-20 $210

21-30 $220

31-40 $230

41-50 $240

51-60 $250

Please contact us for ground-mounted array pricing.

Additional fee may apply depending on roof pitch.



Tri-Annual Solar Panel Cleaning

Our Tri-annual solar panel cleanings will not only ensure maximum efficiency and save you money, but they will also help extend the overall life of your system.

(Tri-annual customers receive 15% off cleanings)


Quarterly Solar Panel Cleaning

Our Premier solar cleaning is a superior quarterly package providing you with the best value and the highest output of power.

(Quarterly customers receive 20% off cleanings)

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